Biography and Exhibitions:

                Mgr.Art.Radoslav Valeš, born in August 1966 in Plzeň, Czech Republic.

                1991:                     Graduated with the titul Magister of Arts.

                1985-1991:          I.J. Repin's Akademie of Fine Art, Sankt Petersburg, Russia,

                                               Class of  Monumental Painting with prof. A.A.Mylnikov.

                1980-1985:          High School of Art in Prague in the Studio of Painting with                                    prof. K.Tešínský.                                                                                                                                                             Solo Exhibitions:

                2013      Gallery ArtVia,Prague,,POETIZMY,, new works                                                                       2008      Blatnice pod Sv.Antoninkem-,,Krajiny uvnitř srdce,,exhibition

                2008     BRIK interiér studio,Prague

                2007    Gallery Sv.Anna,Plzen        

                2007    Prague,Gallery PRE a.s.      

                2006    Plzen,Gallery  Bílé nároží

                2005    Bystřice pod Hostýnem,exhibition for Bystrice music festival

                2004    Trutnov, exhibition for The Trutnov music festival

                2004      Turnov,exhibition for Turnov Spring festival

                2003    Gallery Rein am Bach , Sissach , Schweiz

                2003    Centrepoint , Basel , Schweiz

                2002      Gallery Solway, Krakow, Poland.

                1999      Gallery U Knihomola, Prague.

                1998      STE a.s., Czech Energy Corporation, Prague.

                1998      Novartis, Basel, Switzerland.

                1997      Culture Centre Žofín, Prague.

                1996      Gallery Luka, Prague.

                1995      Gallery Stop, Plzeň.

                1994      Cultural Centre of city Hagen, Germany.

                1994      Art Club in Týn nad Vltavou.

                1993      Cultural Centre of company Siemens, Erlangen, Germany.

                1993      Premises of company Novartis, Prague.

                Joined Exhibitions:

                2007    Karolinum,Prague, The modern paintings exhibition

                2002      Town Strakonice, Czech Republic, exhibition of various artists.

                2001/02 Gallery U Prstenu, Lost and Found, exhibition of various artists.

                2000      Mistelbach, Austria, exhibition of various artists.

                1999      Company Unibom, exhibition of various artists, Prague.

                1998      Paesagi Contaminati, Vitulano, Italy.

                1996      Gallery Krajinská, České Budějovice.

                1995      Gallery Krajinská, České Budějovice.

                1995      Galery 9, Prague.

                1991      Kleine galery ,Wien, Austria.

Radoslav Valeš is represented in the collections of  companies such as Siemens and Varta in Germany, Novartis in Switzerland,Ibah, Czechpol, ZCE a.s. in the Czech Republic,PRE a.s. Prague and others.

·                     His paintings are in many private colections in the European countries.





·                     He regularly cooperates with Czech galleries such as X Centrum in Plzeň,

                gallery Zlata Lilie and gallery U Prstenu, both based in Prague.


·                     He illustrated book covers of The English Patient and Wizard of the Upper.


·                     In 2001 Radoslav Valeš was awarded the very first Prize of Ministry of Culture for his illustrations of the book The Australian Mythology in the category of children's books.


                Radoslav Valeš lives and works in Prague.